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Are there any restrictions on the use of footage shot with a drone? What about privacy legislation?

In Italy, footage shot with drones cannot be published (on a website, on social media platforms or in chat apps) without prior consent from the people featured on film, except in case of publication by news media. When obtaining the consent proves extremely difficult, the footage can be published only if the people featured on film are not recognizable, either because they were filmed from a distance, or because special software was used to blur out their faces. The shooting and publication of footage depicting personal data, such as car license plates, home addresses, etc. is not recommended. Footage invading someone else’s privacy (home, yard) should always be avoided not to commit a criminal offense. At Dronus, we can offer you country-specific compliance assistance.

Security and privacy: are the images and data collected by the drone stored in a cloud?

Digital data can be stored in a cloud and can be used exclusively by the operator.

If the drone crashed to the ground, would it be dangerous for people and objects?

The K250 may be regarded as inoffensive. Its low weight, maximum flight speed and propeller guards make it highly secure.
In any case, we always recommend you comply with current local regulations, follow the instructions in the handbook and use common sense when operating the drone. At Dronus, we can offer you country-specific assistance with installation and deployment.

What risks do I run if the drone causes damage?

Article 27 of ENAC’s UAS-IT Regulation states that, “A UAS system cannot be operated unless an adequate third party liability insurance has been taken out and is still in force…”. In the event of a crash, the conditions set out in the third party liability insurance shall apply. At Dronus, we can offer you country-specific insurance assistance.

What is the impact of your drone on acoustic pollution?

The K250 has a very low acoustic impact and is inaudible in an open space at a distance of more than 55 yd (50 m).

What is the maximum altitude your drone can fly to? What is the maximum flight time of your drone?

The K250 can fly up to 131 yd (120 m) from its take-off point. This is the limit set by the applicable regulations. Its reference elevation for standard operations is between 5.5 and 11 yd above ground level (5 and 10 m). Its maximum flight time ranges between 14 and 24 min. Environmental conditions and the selected battery charging mode (fast-charge or long-endurance) affect the flight time.

Can your drone fly at night?

The K250 can fly at night because it is equipped with a flashing light.
At Dronus, we can offer you country-specific assistance with night operation rules.

What are the possible applications of your system?

The system is purpose-built for security applications, dynamic surveillance, industrial inspection, perimeter and entry point surveillance, and recurrent monitoring. The K250 is a drone specially designed to deploy in urban areas and critical environments.

What are the dimensions of the NEST® base and how much does it weigh?

The NEST® base’s dimensions are 27.5” x 19.7” x 13.8” (70 cm x 50 cm x 35 cm). It weighs less than 15 lb (7 kg).

What is the coverage range of a single NEST® 250?

A single system can cover an area of at least 12 ac (5 ha). However, particular orographic features of the terrain or specific characteristics of the surrounding buildings can affect this range.

Can I install multiple Nest® bases and drones to cover a large-scale area?

Of course. The coverage range can be extended by installing several NEST® bases and drones that combine to create an efficient and flexible surveillance network for large-scale sites.

Can I operate your system indoors?

Yes, our system can also be used indoors, including those in-between environments where the drone would deploy from an open-air to a roofed area.

What kind of sensors is your drone equipped with?

The K250 is equipped with a daytime high-resolution and high-sensitivity camera that can take photos and shoot videos. An additional infrared camera can also be installed to ensure night operation.

Can I integrate your system with other security systems?

Yes, our system can be integrated with most next-generation security technology on request. This means that our drone can automatically monitor and survey an area previously set up by the existing security systems. Our system is an effective addition to a traditional surveillance system.

What are the advantages of your system over a traditional CCTV system?

Thanks to its dynamic surveillance, our system can virtually cover the entire site area with few components and leaving no blind spots. Moreover, the K250 can support or replace security guards on patrol on the site, both in case of a recurring or special events patrol (e.g. intrusion detection or fire alarm). The benefits of using drones include:

  1. Altitude viewpoint
  2. High-speed displacement
  3. Obstacle avoidance

Security personnel on vehicle or on foot patrol does not offer the same benefits. All this provides faster and more effective situational awareness.

Are your products made in Italy?

Our products are entirely engineered and manufactured in Italy.

How much does your system cost?

For a customized quote, please call us at +39 345 2950042 or send us an e-mail by clicking here.

Are there any maintenance costs?

For more details, please call us at +39 345 2950042 or send us an e-mail by clicking here.

What certifications have you earned?

Dronus’ Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015 certified under ‘UAS Design, Production and Services’. This standard specifies the necessary steps and processes to ensure high performance and improve operational efficiency across all levels.

Can anyone operate the system? Or do I need a specially trained operator?

At Dronus, we can offer you country-specific compliance assistance. To request it, please call us at +39 345 2950042 or send us an e-mail by clicking here.

Do I need specially trained personnel to install the system?

First-time installation requires Dronus qualified and certified personnel.

Can you arrange a demo at my facility?

Upon request, Dronus can arrange a demo wherever you are. To request a demo or arrange a commercial, please call us at + 39 345 2950042 or send us an e-mail by clicking here.

Do you have any promotional materials about your product?

You can download the technical sheet of our products on our website. For any inquiry, please call us at +39 345 2950042 or send us an e-mail by clicking here.

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