Fully autonomous
24/7 Daytime and
night operation
Light and unobtrusive
Full compliance

NEST® 250

The patented automated drone-in-a-box system without a pilot.


A light and unobtrusive aerial base that ensures the drone flight stability and security during take-off and landing.

Drone K250

The K250, fully compliant with EASA <250 g category requirements, calculates its residual flight time and autonomously returns to its NEST base to recharge before running out of battery.


Industrial Site Inspection

Industrial sites, often located in remote areas, require constant inspection and monitoring to meet efficiency and reliability standards that ensure personnel safety and site security.


Protecting industrial sites, even those located in remote areas, from theft, intrusion and industrial espionage presents a costly challenge that can have an impact on business operations.

Smart City

A Smart City is a city specially designed to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants by providing them with efficient and effective digital infrastructure and services. The development of smart cities will play a key role in the promotion of a sustainable world.


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