NEST® 250

The automated drone-in-a-box system that does not need a pilot on-site.

The Aerial Drone-in-a-Box System

Dronus is revolutionizing the concept of industrial drone with NEST® 250: a patented aerial drone-in- a-box system, the result of three years of research and development by Dronus CEO Marco Ballerini, an aerospace engineer with more than two decades of experience in industrial drones, and his multidisciplinary team of experts.


The fully automated AI-powered drone-in-a-box system that conducts inspection and security tasks 24/7 without needing a pilot on site.

The innovation

The NEST® base, after which the system is named, is the innovation we bring to the market: an aerial control base that acts as the heart and mind of the drone. The NEST® base constantly communicates with the drone; its take-off and landing phases – which at Dronus we call release and “skying” – as well as battery charging process are autonomously managed with unprecedented precision and reliability.


NEST® 250 is equipped with a command and control software. It also features a simple and intuitive application (easy installation on any PC, tablet or smartphone) that enables the user to manage and view the mission data remotely.

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NEST® 250 The Revolutionary
Drone in a Box Solution

Fully Autonomous

‘Harmless’ EASA DVR

Light and Unobtrusive

Low Acoustic Impact

Continuous Operation

Indoor/Outdoor Navigation

Remote Control Technology for Large-Scale Industrial Sites or Smart Cities

Versatile and Easy to Install



A revolutionary aerial drone charging station, the NEST® base is lighter and unobtrusive when compared to other docking stations on the market.

An unobtrusive light aerial base that controls the drone during all phases of flight and battery charging and affords stability to take-off and landing. It can be installed anywhere and functions as the drone’s protective nest and charging station even in extreme weather conditions. It guarantees secure communication with the drone whose data traffic is protected and encrypted. It is equipped with a predictive maintenance software.


Drone K250

The K250 drone is the first and only ‘Harmless’ UAS for which EASA has issued a Design Verification Report. This qualification allows operators to conduct BVLOS flights over urban areas and it is valid in the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Norway.

A small and unobtrusive drone, compliant with EASA < 250 g category requirements. Its low acoustic and visual impact as well as its special mechanical features make it safe to use in critical environments. Geofencing ensures totally safe flights. The K250 autonomously communicates with its NEST® base streaming data or high-definition images in real time thanks to both an optical and an infrared camera for daytime and night operation. The drone calculates its remaining flight time and automatically returns to the nearest available NEST® base to recharge, following a logic of continual learning.



The geotracking system developed by Dronus. It enables the drone to deploy with utmost precision even when flying through narrow spaces and in areas with low or no GPS signal.

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Industrial Site Inspection

Industrial sites, often located in remote areas, require constant inspection and monitoring to meet efficiency and reliability standards that ensure personnel safety and site security.


Protecting industrial sites, even those located in remote areas, from theft, intrusion and industrial espionage presents a costly challenge that can have an impact on business operations.

Smart City

A Smart City is a city specially designed to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants by providing them with efficient and effective digital infrastructure and services. The development of smart cities will play a key role in the promotion of a sustainable world.

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