Neighborhood Security
Emergency Response
Traffic Control
Building Inspection

Smart City

A Smart City is a city specially designed to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants by providing them with effective and efficient digital infrastructure and services. The development of smart cities will play a key role in the promotion of a sustainable world.


In this scenario, AI-powered unmanned aircraft systems will be the real front-runners. Owing to their broad range of application and coverage, they will offer the greatest contribution to the development of smart cities.

This is the challenge ahead of us.

NEST® 250.
The Future of Smart Cities Is Now!

A smart drone-in-a-box solution that manages a wide range of applications in real time. Among them are traffic monitoring, infrastructure inspection, emergency management, security in public spaces and in all those spaces that may benefit from an aerial system capable of performing even remotely managed complex missions.

A solution that meets the growing need for better surveillance, security and overall protection of a city by detecting and reporting violations in real time, and increasing the frequency and effectiveness of patrols both in daytime and at night, thanks to optical or infrared cameras.


Road Traffic Management

Public Security

Public Building Maintenance and Optimization

Environmental Disaster Prevention and Management

Infrastructure Monitoring

Health Crisis Management



A predictive analysis looking to identify the damage to infrastructure and equipment reduces emergency response costs and preserves their functionality.

Increased Security

24/7 Continuous surveillance. Rapid and effective intrusion and violation detection translates into greater awareness of the risks related to people and spaces.

Increased Productivity and Economic Welfare

An automated system enables local authorities to channel their efforts into more strategic initiatives and offers citizens valuable and more efficient dedicated services.



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